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Temporary Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Property Optics frequently works with homeowners and commercial businesses to set up temporary sprinkler systems to get their lawn established. Using a temporary lawn irrigation system, you can ensure that your lawn looks green and luscious without having to install an entirely new, permanent irrigation system.

Service Overview

In most cases, temporary sprinkler systems are in place for between 3 to 4 weeks. This is because the grass needs to be kept wet in order for the seed to germinate and grow.

Both private homes and commercial or institutional businesses can benefit from a temporary sprinkler system. If you have an entirely new lawn installed, but an existing sprinkler system that doesn’t give you all the coverage you need, a temporary system could fulfill your irrigation needs until the lawn is established.

Everyone, from people with new build homes, businesses that are updating their landscaping for the spring, and others can enjoy the benefits of a temporary sprinkler system – especially since they can handle any size lot!

Products We Use

As with our regular irrigation system installations, we use Rain Bird products to service our customers with temporary sprinkler needs.

In fact, all of our irrigation products are manufactured by Rain Bird®, the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services in the country. This is because we prioritize quality and reliability, even when that system will be taken down in just a few weeks.

Installation Process

Whenever a home or property owner is preparing to improve the appearance of their lawn by having new sod put down, it is key that they keep the grass hydrated to encourage rooting. These situations can always be accommodated by Property Optic’s temporary sprinkler systems.

Our private and commercial clients enjoy minimal disruption with our easy installation and perfectly designed coverage for the proper watering of your lush, green lawn. And, once your lawn is established, we’ll pick up your temporary lawn sprinkler system and leave without a trace!

Step 1: Assessment

For temporary sprinkler systems, we are usually able to give you an estimate after a conversation with you over the phone. However, if you’d prefer, we would still be happy to schedule an assessment of your property to discuss your needs in-person.

Step 2: Installation

Having been in the business for over 20 years, our Property Optics team is well-versed in what it takes to be professional, efficient, and effective when installing a temporary sprinkler system. We make sure that your landscape is respected and that we leave everything looking great after the installation.

This process can be completed in a single afternoon and you’ll have a beautifully functional sprinkler system after just a couple of hours!

Step 3: Disassembly

Similarly to the installation process for temporary irrigation systems, disassembling is a quick procedure. Once your lawn has been established, our team will arrive to quickly pack up and remove your temporary irrigation system.


To get the best service in town, contact us to get a free quote today. Our temporary sprinkler systems can handle the needs of any size lawn in order to get it established and growing beautifully.

Our pricing is competitive in the area and our team provides high-quality service that gives you a high-quality temporary irrigation system to keep your lawn and landscape looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a temporary lawn irrigation system?

Our team of professionals can get a typical temporary lawn irrigation system up and running in one day!

Will putting in a temporary irrigation system destroy my lawn?

Our team doesn’t leave behind a mess during our installs, and temporary systems are meant to be set up and disassembled without requiring any work on your end.

Does a temporary sprinkler system use less water than if I water my lawn myself?

Yes! Lawn irrigation systems work on a set timer, run for the right amount of time, and precisely target the areas that need water.


"Kevin and his crew installed my sprinkler system while I was at work. When I got home, I thought maybe they hadn't gotten there yet - my yard looked exactly as I had left it that morning! Very professional, neat and service oriented." - Hamburg, NY

"They gave me the best service and price for my money. My system has been installed for 5 years now and I'm a very satisfied customer - and in fact almost my entire neighborhood uses Property Optics." - Williamsville, NY


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