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Outdoor LED Lighting Systems

With professional service from our lighting technicians, you can make your home or property look better and feel safer, romantic, elegant, and relaxing. That’s the magic of well-designed landscape lighting.

Service Overview

With professional service from our lighting technicians, you can make your home or property look better and feel safer, romantic, elegant, and relaxing. That’s the magic of well-designed landscape lighting.

Suddenly, with the right lighting, you’ll notice details you’ve walked past a thousand times suddenly come to life – the shape of an arbor vitae, the mood of a favorite sculpture, or the classic lines of the pediment over your porch.

If your warm-weather living space extends out to your patio, barbeque area, or pool, you’ll be delighted with how outdoor lighting can add an entirely new dimension to your house. You’ll also be able to enjoy your landscape lighting in new ways year-round; one of the beauties of professional landscape lighting is that it can make a blanket of snow on a winter night as breathtaking as a June full moon.

Commercial and Institutional Lighting

Security and aesthetics are two of the needs that Property Optics can meet with our Amp and Volt line of commercial and institutional outdoor lighting products. Durability is a third.

What really separates our commercial-grade lighting from our residential-grade products is the construction of the individual light components. Commercial-grade lights are designed with stronger lenses and thicker ribbing so that they can stand up to the increased traffic of a commercial property. These lights are designed for heavy day-in, day-out use.

Not only will staff feel safer navigating your property at night with our professional landscape lighting, but your clients will be able to better interact with your space as well.

Equipment We Use

Property Optics exclusively uses Amp and Volt lighting products and favors LED lights for landscape lighting. This brand is world famous and its products can meet every landscape lighting need.

We believe that LED technology is the future of lighting. Recent improvements in the quality of LED lighting have increased their lumen output so that they are now comparable to incandescent lights. We believe in the benefits of this type of lighting so much that nearly 100% of our installs are now LED – and our customers are enjoying the benefits.

The Advantages of LED Lighting:

There are several major benefits to LED lighting that make it the best choice for private and commercial property owners who are looking for efficient, effective, and beautiful lighting solutions.

  • Beam angles can be precisely set and projected.
  • No light bulbs to change.
  • Uses only 25% of the power output of traditional lighting options.
  • Free of toxic chemicals.
  • Warranty on all LED chips and all electronics used in residential applications.
  • Fewer wire runs and smaller transformers because of lower power usage.

Installation Process

Property Optics provides professional lighting system design and installation for both residential and commercial properties. For many, spring, summer, and fall are the best times of the year to get professional lighting projects completed.

Our installation process is straight-forward and timely, and our team follows these three steps to provide each client with the best possible service.

Step 1: Assessment

As part of our free estimate, we’ll meet with you at your property, listen to your needs and goals, walk around your home or property, take photos, and check your electrical system capacity.

We pledge to get back to you within 48 hours with a comprehensive quote. Our estimate will detail the products we’ll use and give you a total price for materials and installation. Property Optics is a no surprises company and we keep all of our clients informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing exactly what to expect.

Step 2: Design

No two homes or properties are alike. That’s why Property Optics’ design service takes your whole property into account – front and back yard, entrance and driveway, walkways and staircases, trees and fountains.

We know how to design professional lighting systems to maximize and enhance the uniqueness of your property while meeting all your lighting needs.

With landscape lighting from Amp Lighting, Property Optics carries the most diverse, durable, and reliable lighting components in the industry. Whatever your lighting goals, Property Optics has the eye, experience, and equipment to turn your home or property into a dusk-to-dawn masterpiece.

Step 3: Installation

Property Optics is committed to designing and installing the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable landscape lighting systems available. We can install a completely new system or modify an existing one depending on your needs, and our team will discuss all of your options with you well before the installation begins.

We are an Amp and Volt-preferred contractor. Visit Amp and Volt to see why we are proud to be an affiliate.


With extensive commercial and residential experience across Western New York, we have a plan that’s just right for you. Whether you’re looking for a repair, to add on to your existing landscape lighting (whether or not we installed it), or simply to get an annual maintenance plan, Property Optics can help.

Our pricing is competitive in the area and our team provides high-quality service that gives you an efficient lighting system to keep your property safe and looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty on your lighting?

There is a lifetime warranty on our lighting.

Are the lights weather-resistant?

Yes, the lights we install in our LED lighting system are all water resistant.

What are the benefits to a LED lighting system?

Installing a lighting system on your property adds value to your home, showcases your landscaping, makes crossing your property at night safer, and it also adds security to your property.

Will getting a lighting system increase my electric bill by a lot?

Since we use high-quality LED lights, using your system will cost just pennies a day.

Do I need to update the electric in my house? 

There is no need to update your electric system since our transformer simply plugs into an existing outlet.


"Kevin and his crew installed my sprinkler system while I was at work. When I got home, I thought maybe they hadn't gotten there yet - my yard looked exactly as I had left it that morning! Very professional, neat and service oriented." - Hamburg, NY

"They gave me the best service and price for my money. My system has been installed for 5 years now and I'm a very satisfied customer - and in fact almost my entire neighborhood uses Property Optics." - Williamsville, NY


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